Intro to Smitty’s…

1383408017509Hello fellow losers, miscreants, creeps, weirdos, and bored working class heroes. My name is Joe Smith, or Smitty, which ever you prefer. I decided to start a blog so that I may eventually refine my rants and ravings into literary gold, or just a couple American dollars, eventually that is. In my basic daily routine of just consuming precious life and oxygen instead living my life to the fullest, I seem to have a freak show of people and situations that seem to follow me in the form of a shit storm known as the circus of life. It’s those oddities that will fill the basic content of this blog.

Disclaimer: most of my problems are what’s referred to as “white people problems” so please don’t tell some bleeding heart story how it could be worse. I’m well aware of the fact that I’m not some AIDS infected incestuous fetus with no potential of surviving my formative years.

Disclaimer 2: Beware The Smitty puns, It’s my way of making Shitty a little personal.


You could have wasted your time doing anything else, thank you for wasting it with me


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